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Why should you join the McCabe 120 Club?

Dear Calvert Republican Friends,

On election day in November, Calvert County citizens cast a resounding number of votes for Larry Hogan--22,139 votes versus 9,579 votes for the Democratic candidate. Calvert voters also elected all five Board of County Commissioner Republican candidates; chose a new Republican State Senator, Steve Waugh, to replace Roy Dyson; re-elected our two Republican Delegates, Tony O’Donnell and Mark Fisher; elected two Republicans to the three member Orphans Court, and re-elected our Republican Sheriff, State’s Attorney, and County Treasurer. Republican candidates for Congress, Comptroller, Attorney General and the other State Senate seat each won more votes in Calvert County than the Democrat candidates.

Sixty nine percent of Calvert County voters voted to elect Larry Hogan. These were not only registered Republicans but many Independents and disillusioned Democrats tired of the “tax and spend” policies of former Governor O’Malley and General Assembly Democrats. Your Central Committee and numerous loyal steadfast volunteers spent many hours, prior to the November 4th election, educating the community on O’Malley’s wasteful spending, record tax increases and broken promises. 2014 members in the 120 Club provided the resources needed to achieve these successes.

On January 1, there were 923 more registered Republicans than Democrats on our Voter Rolls. While this is an improvement, there is still room to grow. Let’s set our goal for 2015 to double that lead of registered Republicans by switching Independents and discerning Democrats. There is still much work to support Governor Hogan and to hit the ground running to be ready for Republican victories in 2016. We need your support to accomplish this. We need you to join the McCabe 120 Club.

There are three McCabe 120 Club membership levels. Each level offers certain benefit incentives.

Diamond $500 Annual Membership
Gold $300 Annual Membership
Silver $120 Annual Membership

Your help and generosity will be greatly appreciated.

McCabe 120 Club Membership

You can sign up via PayPal (located on top-right side of this page) or you can fill out the reply form (click here for form).  Make checks payable to the CCRCC, and mail to the CCRCC, 424 Solomons Island Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678. 

Join the McCabe 120 Club!

Diamond Level

$500 Annual membership
4 Tickets to our 120 Club Thank-You Party
1 ticket to the Lincoln Day Dinner
1 Ticket to the Christmas Party
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Gold Level  

$300 Annual Membership
2 Tickets to our 120 Club Thank-You Party
1 Ticket to the Lincoln Day Dinner
1 Ticket to the CCRCC Christmas Party
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Silver Level

$120 Annual Membership      
2 Tickets to our 120 Club Thank-You Party
1 Membership Badge